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Thread: Compiling using Virtual Directory

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    Default Compiling using Virtual Directory

    This may be an incredibly stupid question, but it is possible to compile an app using an extjs library housed in a virtual directory? I have a virtual directory in my app which includes the library I want (currently 4.1.2a).

    During development, this setup works just fine. All of the dependencies for my app files are found in the framework, and everything moves along without issues. However, when I compile, I get errors about dependency resolution - e.g., "Failed to resolve dependency Ext.container.Viewport for file..."

    Is this possible to do, and if so, what am I missing?

    NOTE: I haven't modified either of the .cfg files, and my compile looks like this:

    sencha compile -classpath=ext\src,app page -in=index.html -out=build/index.html
    I should also mention that:
    * When I specify the full path to ext/src in classpath, the compile succeeds, but excludes any app classes
    * When I put the library in my application root (no virtual directory), the compile succeeds and resolves all dependencies as expected

    I appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks!
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