I've installed Sencha Cmd and Sencha touch 2.1.

Ran the command 'Sencha' inside the path of sencha touch 2.1
But I'm getting this:

Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.250
[INF] init-properties:
[INF] init-sencha-command:
[INF] init:
[INF] -before-generate-app:
[INF] generate-app-impl:
[WRN] Ignoring @require ../version/Version.js in js/String.js
[WRN] Ignoring @require ../Ext-more.js in js/Format.js
[INF] Generating new packager.json file using native packager
[INF] copy-sdk:
[INF] -after-generate-app:
[INF] generate-app:

Have I missed any steps?