I've been struggling with CMD for about a week now, trying to get both a Touch and Extjs app to 'compile'. I've read the docs and the guides. I can run sencha generate and it works perfectly to create the default application. My issues begin when I try to add extra class definitions.

Specifically with ExtJS, I am trying to use boxselect . (with Touch I am trying to use the grid). Outside of CMD, I would have put a script reference in my index.html

<script type="text/javascript" src="/ext4_1_1/extjs-boxselect-2.0.3/src/boxselect.js"></script>
and similar for the required css.

It is unclear to me where to put this to make it CMD friendly. Should I create a folder 'myproject/boxselect/src' and dump the js file there and then put the path in bootstrap.js as ,
 "Ext.ux.form.field.BoxSelect": "boxselect/src"
Where should the css file go? Do I put things in index.html and do some kind of 'sencha compile' ? I might be able to hack around and get this all to work but I really want to learn the best way to do this. Shouldn't I be able to do all my debugging etc before compile and then when everything runs well, run the sencha build and presto ... a minified app?