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Thread: Container Doubletap Issue

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    Default Answered: Container Doubletap Issue

    I have a container that houses all other components in my application. I want to detect 'doubletap' events on that container so I know if the user performs a 'doubletap' at any time during application use. How can I accomplish this? I have already tried adding a listener in the item definition, as well as using the 'on' method. (I could also switch the container for a panel if it works better). The documentation shows it being done with a single 'tap' here:!/...anel-method-on. Thanks in advance.

  2. The Panel doesn't have a tap or doubletap but the element does. Here is how you can listen to it in the two different ways:

    initialize : function() {
        this.element.on('doubletap', 'onElDoubleTap', this);
    onElDoubleTap : function(e, t) {}

    listeners : {
        element : 'element',
        doubletap : function(e, t) {}

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