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Thread: Ext.ux.state.WindowNameProvider a (session) cookie alternative

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    Default Ext.ux.state.WindowNameProvider a (session) cookie alternative

    You're wondering why your cross-domain iframed web app using cookies works everywhere, except in Safari? By default Safari only allows cookies from sites you navigate to directly. So, you're out of luck with using cookies this time, but fear not.

    You've probably already read about the alternative to cookies. Whatever string page a.html sets in, page b.html can read and update. Cross domain and as long as the tab stays open. A few small libraries for using have been written already, but none specifically for Ext JS.

    Here's an Ext JS 4 state provider implementation that saves and retrieves state as JSON in Because everybody likes this implementation allows your own namespace in

    UPDATE: Download the code from the repository on Github.
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