I've been using the trial version of Architect for a few days, have done some simple test projects, but now need to build a program that will update a table on a mySQL/Tomcat server. I'm writing the code on the server side, so I can make it work however I want, but I'd like to use JsonP to do cross-domain referencing so that I don't need to have the Web application code on the same machine as the backend and server. (I could compromise on this, probably, if necessary.)

I've got to the point where I know I can use the API property of JsonPProxy to send each CRUD request type to a different URL and that seems to work and I can successfully read records from the server. (The table is small, there's only one user at a time, so I just want to sync to the whole table.) However, even when records are marked "dirty" I only see GET requests going out to the appropriate URL for "update" and I don't see any record data at all. Should this be generating some sort of a POST request or else encoding the new record information somehow in the GET parameters?

I've run across the "actionMethods" config parameter mentioned in a few posts, but don't know if that applied to Sencha 2.1. I couldn't find it in the 2.1 docs. I also can't find a mention of "actionMethods" in the Architect available settings. I'm not sure if "actionsMethods" is what I need or if I need something else.

I wish I had a working model so that I could examine how the various CRUD JsonP requests look over HTTP. I'm spinning my wheels at this point, I think.