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Thread: does Ext.draw.Component have a body defined?

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    Default Unanswered: does Ext.draw.Component have a body defined?

    I switched from a normal panel to a Ext.draw.Component and my dropTarget no longer works because it seems the body attribute is no longer defined in the afterRender section. Does Ext.draw.Component have a body attribute defined in the normal sense or do I need to modify my code differently using the draw component?
    	    xtype: 'draw',
    	    items: [{
    	      type: 'circle',
                  fill: '#79BB3F',
                  radius: 100,
                  x: 100,
                  y: 100
    	    afterRender: function() {
    	      function myNotifyDrop(dd, e, node) { console.log('drop'); 
    	      this.dropTarget = this.body;
    	      console.log(this.body); // prints undefined, worked fine for normal panel
    	      var dd = new Ext.dd.DropTarget(this.dropTarget, { ddGroup:'dragGroup', notifyDrop: myNotifyDrop, });

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    No, it extends Ext.Component so it should have an el and also a surface
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