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Thread: Floating Panel - shifting to the top left corner

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    Default Floating Panel - shifting to the top left corner

    I need to show a panel beside a text box when I tap on an image (inside "Ext.dataview.Dataview"). The first time it loads fine, but when I go to the next page and come back to the same page, I see the panel gets shifted to the top-left corner (near the back button).

    See the below code.

    var btn = Ext.get('text_1');
    var pnl = Ext.create('Ext.Panel, {
    model: true,
    hideOnMaskTap: true,
    xtype: 'label',
    html: 'Caption'

    Please help me on this. I have been trying for days on this

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    Your code sample is broken as it's missing the closing single quote around the class name. Also you've defined a config option named 'model' where I'm assuming you meant 'modal'.

    Could you please provide a more detailed code sample? In particular the dataview rendering code along with it's scope of use. You mention navigating to another page but what is the context? Is it a navigation view? Is it a tab panel? Is it a navigation view within a tab panel?

    When you provide more details, please wrap your code sample in code tags so they print nicer.

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