I have been doing some digging around on the Internet and I came across this product.

Im looking for a robust HTML5 javascript framework for datagrid (or spreadsheet) where it can do those following when displaying on webpage I wonder if this Ext JS are able of doing this. If not then can you point me to the right products?

1) Having data, textboxes, drop-down selection, checkboxes, etc. (per columns) per rows...

2) Drag a field into group header that will then do this below (step #3)

3) Be able to group several columns (of data) and display rows like this
(Say you group the Make, Model and Color)

HTML Code:
(-) Ford (5)
   (-) Mustang (3)
      (+) Green (1)
      (-) Blue (2)
         (Year) (Trim) (Mileage) (Color)
         2007 2dr Coupe 52,000 Green
         2012 2dr Sedan 23,321 Blue
   (+) Ranger (3)
   (+) Taurus (5)

(+) Chevrolet (8)

(-) Toyota (2)
   (-) Prius (2)
      (-) Yellow (2)
         (Year) (Trim) (Mileage) (Color)
         2013 3dr Hatchback 14,021 Yellow
         2010 2dr Coupe 11,123 Yellow