Dear All

I have been trying Sencha 2 since two weeks without luck. Yes i don't know so much about programming but after viewed your provided documentation which inspired me too much, i was trying and trying but don't get anything to work. Here what tried to do:

A third level nested list with full of text only where wanting one level to swipe vertically and the next level to swipe horizontally. Nothing big requirements.

Here what i did :

1. Follow this steps!/guide/first_app

But whenever i try to change something,it become worked-less Most probably having lack of knowledge on what to do after the above guide. I mean what steps should really need to add nested list coding to my project.

I have also tried manual trying something like this

where folder and files created manually. Both step failed on me.

May i get someones help to sort this out. Its been 15 days without luck