Hello together,

currently I am working on a TreeGrid showing some hierarchical data.
What I need is a customized TreeGrid. It should have customized styles and customized nodeOpen/nodeClosed Icons as well as customized jointOpened/jointClosed-Icons.
Customizing the style and the nodeOpen/nodeClosed icons was done easily, through changing some resources and overwriting the calculateIconStyle-method of TreeGrid.

However customizing the joint-image (the image with the arrow, which expands the nodes on click) style is soooo frustating!

My goal is to set these images invisible in every row. On mouse over the row, it should be set visible. When I am thinking about doing this with plain HTML and Javascript this is really easy. However doing this in GXT kills me.

My current, none-working approach is the following:

        while (treeNodeIterator.hasNext()) {
            Element jointElement = testTreeGridView.getJointElement(treeNodeIterator.next());
This is called on TreeGrid initialisation.
The problem:
The TreeNode-List on which the iterator is called is EMPTY, in spite of the fact that data are populated inside the TreeGrid.
Does anybody know, why the TreeNodes are empty after data insertion?

Does anybody have any idea of how the problem of changing the joint-icons' style per row can be accomplished in a nice way?

Any idea is really appreciated, as I do not have one to solve the problem.

Kind regards,