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Thread: Unable to get Id of textfield in carousel

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    Default Answered: Unable to get Id of textfield in carousel


    Im attempting to obtain the value of a text field within a carousel. But Im not able to, the id is not bound to the textfield but is instead bound to the div container of that field. Even though Im trying to associate it with the textfield. Does anyone see anything. My code is as follows:

     comStore.on('load', function() {                                 
     var x = 1;                                                       
     comStore.each(function(record) {                                 
         new Ext.Panel({                                              
         title : 'Commodity' + x,                                     
         standardSubmit : false,                                      
         id: 'comPanel' + x,                                          
         items: [                                                     
                               xtype: 'textfield',                    
                               name : 'SCRTIT' + x,                   
                               id   : 'SCRTIT' + x,                   
                               label: 'Item No',                      
                               useClearIcon: true                     
       <div id="SCRTIT0" class="x-field x-field-text x-label-align-left">
    <div class="x-form-label" id="ext-gen1558" style="width: 30%;"><span>Item No.</span></div>
    <div class="x-form-field-container"><input id="ext-gen1555" type="text" name="SCRTIT0" class="x-input-text x-field-clearable"></div>
    <div class="x-field-clear-container" id="ext-gen1557">
    <div class="x-field-clear" id="ext-gen1556"></div></div></div>
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  2. Never mind. Found the problem. I had 2 different fields with the same id ...

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