Having bought the Sencha Complete, I am told in a email to activate it on support.sencha.com , but I cannot even access the site.

ping support.sencha.com, gives no answer. I can add the IP adress it resolves too, on request.
I already sent a email as suggested in the FAQ, but I am getting impatient. As I cannot find anyone else having same problem. Except a premium topic https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?t=245914 :
Support Site is down Ext: Feature Requests
I have been unable to connect to support.sencha.com for the past few days, is there another way for us to access the subscriber only downloads?
Created: Saturday 13th October 2012 4:50pm | Score: 0.39533532
, which I cannot access, only seeing the search result.