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Thread: Handling Frame in GXT

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    Default Handling Frame in GXT


    1. Is there any way to capture the events happening on IFrame (Frame Component in Sencha) rendered through Sencha application??

    Note: I think in sencha all the modules(widgets) gets loaded on I-Frame content only (correct me if wrong).

    2. Is there any way to pass the values (Javascript Objects) at the runtime (After Sencha framework starts execution) to the Sencha application ??


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    1. As a general rule of browsers, no. GWT/GXT can't do anything normal JavaScript cannot do, as otherwise GWT would be the greatest/worst way to take over someone else's computer... At the end of the compiler, its all JavaScript, so we have to follow the JavaScript rules. What are you trying to achieve? GXT has a Shim.cover method, which prevents events from even going inside the iframe in the first place - very useful when doing drag and drop.

    An iframe is used to load all of the source code for the app to get it running - this prevents your compiled application from interfering with any existing JavaScript on the page. Widgets are *not* rendered in that iframe - that happens in the main body of the main window. Load up and use Firebug or Chrome's Inspector to see this.

    2. Certainly - you can build a simple Java wrapper around those JavaScriptObjects, and then can read and write those JS values. This is called a JavaScriptObject (JSO for short), because you must extends the JavaScriptObject type for this to work. More details on this in the GWT documentation:

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