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Thread: Setting Locale

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    Default Setting Locale

    Hi Sencha,

    I'm experimenting using your Sensha Architect, however that documents/samples that you have are all based on manual programming and not on the Architect. I find it hard to follow especially if I'm going to do a full time programming based on Sensha Architect.

    Currently I'm trying to do your static and dynamic locale setting example. The first one I did was to work on your most basic approach which is adding a script tag in app.html to define which locale to use but that was not enough for me as I want to be able to customize most of my labels to a certain locale.

    My problem is I'm not able to follow this example:!...utch-form.html
    items: [{
    fieldLabel: this.firstName,
    How can you set this.firstName is Sensha Architect in which the fieldLabel of textfield will not treat it as a string? when I add it to the property fieldLabel of textfield the only available option is string? Sensha Architect treats it as a text to the textfield and not a pass by value reference?

    fieldLabel: 'this.firstName' vs fieldLabel: this.firstName
    Note: If you have a locale example based on Sensha Architect that would be better.

    Thank you.

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    Architect treats everything in the property grid as a literal (string, number, boolean, etc). If you would like to use JavaScript expressions you can place these in code via an event handler or in an override.
    Aaron Conran

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