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Thread: 3rd party components - plans to support?

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    Default 3rd party components - plans to support?

    I've been using Sencha Architect for a while now, and was impressed until i decided to start using Bryntum's Scheduler. Despite the fact that it works with Ext JS, there doesn't appear to be any way to bring it onboard for Architect

    Foretunately I've learned enough about Ext JS that i should be able to get inside the generated code and add 3rd party components, But it's far less than optimal, with a lot more opportunity to get stuff wrong and no immediate feedback on appearence... the same reasons i started using Architect in the first place.

    So I've got to ask, are there any plans in the future to have Architect accept 3rd Party components, or possibly give developers the ability to develop Libraries of some kind that will let them do that heavy lifting for you?

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    We've made major inroads with this in the 2.2 release coming soon. Architect 2.2 will allow you to specify the `createAlias` that you want to use so that you can add the component inside of Architect.

    That being said, we aren't to the point we'd like to be quite yet. Where a user can install 3rd party components and they actually run inside of the canvas, can be configured, etc. That will be coming down the line.
    Aaron Conran

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