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Thread: Sencha Touch 2.1 List scroll behavior

    Looks like we cannot reproduce this. Please provide another test case to reproduce this issue.
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    Default Sencha Touch 2.1 List scroll behavior


    Any reason I can't seem to get the "scrollToTopOnRefresh" config to do anything with the new List components in Sencha Touch 2.1? Are there any test cases demonstrating this working in 2.1?

    My code was working in 2.0.x. Since upgrading, I tried manually calling list.getScrollable().getScroller().scrollTo({x: 0, y: 0}) when I call load() on the store after resetting its options. This workaround works in development via the microloader, but appears to have no effect in the built application (built via Sencha Cmd 3). Weirdness!

    What is the expected behavior of these properties/methods with the new ST 2.1 List component?

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    This is working for me:

        xtype                : 'list',
        itemTpl              : '{test}',
        scrollToTopOnRefresh : false,
        store                : {
            autoLoad : true,
            fields   : [ 'test' ],
            proxy    : {
                type : 'ajax',
                url  : 'data/json.json'
        items                 : [
                xtype  : 'toolbar',
                docked : 'bottom',
                items  : [
                        text    : 'Refresh',
                        handler : function(btn) {
                            var list  = btn.up('list'),
                                store = list.getStore();
    This will prevent scrolling to the top. If I remove the scrollToTopOnRefresh config and let it default to true, it will scroll to the top when I tap on the Refresh button.

    This using 2.1.0
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