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Thread: Proper fill for grid panel empty space beneath last row

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    Default Answered: Proper fill for grid panel empty space beneath last row

    ExtJS v4.1.1a

    I have a grid panel.
    It displays a fixed number of items (though their height is somewhat variable).
    The grid panel has a fixed height (tall enough that all items display...regardless of their height, with no scroll bar).
    I'm using a row numbering column (first).

    The problem is that there is a variable amount of white space between the bottom of the listed items and the page control.

    Is there a reasonably simple way to get a cross browser friendly fill for the empty space that just looks like an empty row (first cell with the shading for a row numbering column etc.)?

    A bodyCls doesn't seem to work...the row numbering fill is different depending on the browser (gradient for recent browsers, but solid for older ones).

    I'm looking for suggestions to try.



  2. You can change the css of the body background. Have you thought of letting it auto height?

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