Required Information
Version(s) of Ext GWT Ext GWT 3.0.1
Browser versions and OS
(and desktop environment, if applicable)
  • Chrome 23.0.1271.64, Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (Not reproduced in Firefox 16 nor IE8)

Virtual Machine No

Using a Grid Inline editing on an 'auto commit' list store, a combo box does not appear to save a newly selected value when an adjacent cell on the same row is clicked. Pressing 'Tab' instead has different behaviour and the newly selected value is successfully saved.

Run mode
Both DevMode and fully compiled/deployed
Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. On the supplied widget code
  2. Click on an Integer cell to show a combo box
  3. Select an item in the combo box
  4. Use the mouse to click on the next cell on the same row
  5. The newly selected value is lost and the old value remains
  6. Repeat the steps above but press 'Tab' instead of clicking and it works fine

Expected result Newly selected value should be saved
Actual result
Old value remains
Test case
180 line stand-alone widget is available online.
Helpful Information
Screenshot or video
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Live test -
Debugging already done
  • none

Possible fix Unknown