I have a card layout and I am trying to get the auto height to work. I am using the Ext.grid.panel and including them as follows.
When I search on one grid then switch to the other by using panel.getLayout().setActiveItem(1)/or 0 The panel doesn't re size to accommodate the size of the displayed grid. I have even tried to use setHeight in the refresh event but it has bad side effects.

Any idea how to setup multiple grids that have dynamic sizes. Oh yeah one more thing. We don't use scroll bars The app displays the whole page with no scrollbar.

I have seen at times that when i set the height on the panel based on the grid.getHeight() that the height is incorrect. The actually table behind the grid is much larger.

var inner = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
                title: 'multiple grids',
                layout: 'card',
                bodyStyle: 'padding:0px',
                defaults: {
                    border: true
                items: [me.grid1, me.grid2],
example of the setting used for the grids

var searchResultGrid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
             id : 'bobResultGrid',   
             store: pagingStore,
             columns: [{
                 menuDisabled: true,
viewConfig: { forceFit:true, showPreview:false, emptyText: Config.grid_no_data
// paging bar on the bottom tbar: top_bar