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Thread: add method may not be called on a buffered store

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    Default add method may not be called on a buffered store

    In ExtJS 4.1.3 ext-all-dev raises exception when trying to add a record to the buffered store. Is there a reason why adding records is bad practice? Should insert? be used instead?

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    AFAIK you are messing with the page maps of data when adding.
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    Default Please elaborate

    Please invest more effort into maintaining backwards compatibility as you produce future releases; I have invested a lot of time into learning and using this framework, but I frequently get the impression you are treating it more like an application library for a couple of special clients than taking seriously the amount of pain you cause when you rip out major functionality like this.

    Having the ability to use "buffered" data stores to do batch type updates to my server is a huge win for me in ext-4.0.7; and now I also need to solve this problem... Time to diff the code and subclass, or could you recommend a better approach to using the data store interface to do
    time deferred batch updates.

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