I have upgraded my app from 2.0.1 to 2.1 and in the desktop browser everything works fine (now). But when I want to package my app to deploy it on a server for access from a mobile device, I noticed that the build does not include the sencha touch lib files, so my app does not work.

I use the command: sencha app build production and in my "production" folder I end up with the following folders/files:

I do not get any errors when doing my build.

I generated a completely new app project with the Sencha Cmd tool just to compare the json file with my own from my upgraded app and I do not see a difference besides the "resources" vs "extras" section which I had to change. Now, even when I build my new vanilla project using the same command: sencha app build production, I do not have the sencha-touch libs in my "production" folder.

Anyone have an idea what my problem could be ?
Thanks in advance for your help,