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Thread: ST2: PhoneGap functions not available on iOS

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    Default Answered: ST2: PhoneGap functions not available on iOS

    Hi there,

    I currently try to get my hands dirty with Sencha Touch and PhoneGap to develop my application for iOS and Android platforms.

    My current test app just consists of 2 tab panels with buttons that trigger PhoneGap functions. Because I don't think the problem originates from there, I'm just going to link the files instead of posting their contents.


    CallList.js just shows some buttons that run tests on file system access and a SQLite database (via plugin).

    This app runs fine on android platforms.

    I followed the PhoneGap "Getting Started" guides to setup the iOS project (extract cordova files, run ./create with 3 parameters), ran "sencha app build testing" and then overwrote the contents of the www directory with the contents of my app/build/testing directory (my minified web app, not a native package).

    Now, I can see the Sencha components in the web app, and I see one line of console output ('Multi-tasking -> Device: YES, App: YES), but the functions that I want to trigger are not defined (i.e. "navigator" get alerted as "[Object object]", but navigator.notification is undefined).

    So, conclusion: the empty project that gets created by the PhoneGap-create-command runs fine, but when I try to load my Sencha Touch project, PhoneGap gets kind of ignored.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

  2. grrr... turned out to be my fault all the way. I included the wrong javascript library, I didn't know there are different versions for the platforms.

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