I am following the Native Packaging Demo from http://www.sencha.com/learn/sencha-t...packaging-demo except I copy my "SenchaApp" folder into the "sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc". Because outside the "sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc" the sencha command said: "The current working directory (/Users/roman/Sites) is not a recognized Sencha SDK or application folder. Running in backwards compatible mode." And under the "sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc" it gives "Sencha Command v2.0.1".

I don't know whether it is a reason it gives me a white screen on my Android phone. (also copy the "resources" folder, "src" folder and sencha-touch.js to the "touch" sub-folder of my "SenchaApp")

My Configuration file is android.json:
"versionString": "1.0",
"applicationName": "MySenchaApp",
"applicationId": "com.test.MyApp",
"inputPath": "/Users/.../sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc/SenchaApp",
    "outputPath": "/Users/.../sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc/build",
"iconName": "icon.png",
"configuration": "Debug",
"platform": "Android",
"deviceType": "Universal",
"permissions": [
"certificatePath": "/Users/.../sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc/SenchaApp/debug.keystore",
"sdkPath": "/Users/.../android-sdk-macosx",
"androidAPILevel": "10",
"orientations": [
I can successfully package it using sencha package build SenchaApp/android.json, which gives me a 19.4 MB MySenchaApp.apk and proguard-project.txt file. Then I installed it on my Moto ME 860.

The .apk can be installed correctly but it only shows me the background-image in the div of "appLoadingIndicator". As I set the background-image and hide the default loading animation in the appLoadingIndicator. (not white actually but showing the bg-image forever)

Anyone has some ideas? Thanks!