There seems to be a problem with lists on panels.

I'd create two panels, each with one of the panel items being a list (xtype: 'list'). These panels and lists are identical in every way but name (and, of course, the lists themselves have different itemId strings).

However, in debugging and in practice, the lists differ fundamentally. The first list has a _baseCls of 'x-list', the other has no _baseCls defined. The first has all the Ext.mixin.Selectable functions accessible, the other does not (they are undefined and I therefore cannot control list selection, for example).

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme nor reason for this. They are defined in the same view subdirectory, and their controllers are defined in the same subdirectories. Everything is basically the same, but the lists behave differently and are defined differently.

The only thing that might differ is that the first list activates the second list when a list item is tapped (disclosed), through an animateActiveItem() call. I'm not sure if this affects things.

Not sure how you would go about fixing this, but perhaps be aware of it in your debugging travels. And if anyone has some guidance, I would appreciate it. Thanks.