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Thread: Sencha page to create custom builds

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    Default Sencha page to create custom builds

    Can Sencha consider setting up a web page to do custom builds of ExtJS (and maybe Touch)? You know the kind of thing: check boxes for the components you need, then click 'Generate' and it builds you a custom minified JS file you can include in your project. jQuery UI has something like this.

    I know the Cmd toolset can do this, but it has lots of dependencies. I personally don't have Java, Ruby, Compass etc on my box. I spent an hour setting it all up, and then decided it would be easier to take ext-all.js and start chopping

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    The Cmd tool is best used for this. Setting up Java, Ruby and Compass on Windows is pretty easy, least I found so to do on Win XP and Win 7. Mac is even easier.
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