Due to restrictions on our build server beyond my control, I've been forced to check the Sencha Cmd Linux distribution into our SVN repository for use on build machines. We have to do this with several tools, and they are under a 'third-party' directory in SVN tree.

I'm running into a baffling problem, though. When try to run the sencha command from my project's directory, I get this error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.sencha.util.Version.<init>(Version.java:23)
at com.sencha.util.VersionRange.<init>(VersionRange.java:16)
at com.sencha.command.ConfigOverrideLoader.getOverride(ConfigOverrideLoader.java:72)
at com.sencha.command.SenchaConfigManager.checkForOverride(SenchaConfigManager.java:173)
at com.sencha.command.SenchaConfigManager.getConfig(SenchaConfigManager.java:166)
at com.sencha.command.SenchaConfigManager.getConfig(SenchaConfigManager.java:57)
at com.sencha.command.Sencha.<init>(Sencha.java:40)
at com.sencha.command.Sencha.main(Sencha.java:55)

If I recursively go through and delete the .svn directories in the senchacmd directory, it runs fine.

Since the source isn't available, I couldn't check what is causing the exception.

Any ideas what might be causing this behavior?