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Thread: checkbox not showing as parameter?

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    Default checkbox not showing as parameter?

    I'm using an Ext.form.field.Checkbox on a form. Here's me creating it:
        var activeCheckbox = Ext.create('Ext.form.field.Checkbox', {
            id: 'detail-active',
            name: 'active',
            inputValue: 'x',
            uncheckedValue: 'y',
            fieldLabel: 'Active',
            labelAlign: 'top',
            submitValue: true
    But on submission to my Java servlet, I don't see an "active" parameter. If I use a normal HTML checkbox it works.

    One thing, I have the checkbox embedded in a panel, with date & time selectors. The servlet picks those up as parameters.

    Looking at the generated source, I don't see name="active" attached to the ExtJS generated checkbox element, but I do with the date & time selector.

    Anyway, not sure if I'm missing something. Any help appreciated!


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    With this:

    new Ext.form.Panel({
        renderTo : document.body,
        url      : 'data/form.php',
        items    : [
                xtype          : 'checkbox',
                name           : 'active',
                inputValue     : 'x',
                uncheckedValue : 'y',
                fieldLabel     : 'Active',
                labelAlign     : 'top',
                submitValue    : true
                xtype   : 'button',
                text    : 'Submit',
                handler : function(btn) {
                    var form = btn.up('form');
    When I submit with it checked it sends active : x and when it's unchecked it sends active : y as expected for me.
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