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Thread: Moving the roweditor to another grid

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    Default Answered: Moving the roweditor to another grid

    Is it possible to move the roweditor from one grid to another? Well, obviously it's possible--it is JavaScript after all--but would it be worth the work that would have to be done?

    I have a grid that is supposed to have a variable number of columns, which the user can change (a "dynamic" grid). This means 1) column model comes from the server and 2) I have to recreate the grid each time. Destroying the old grid doesn't get rid of the roweditor, perhaps because we have saved the grid config, and since (previously) we reuse the config, the roweditor gets reapplied, but to a different grid, causing errors. To solve that error, we have it recreate the editor every time. If it is efficient, I'd like to keep the roweditor, since I think it would lower the recreation time. Hopefully, your eyebrows aren't raised anymore.

  2. IMO, each grid should use it's own row editor instance. The grid should be destroying the classes it uses including the row editor instance.

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