Hi all,

I'm trying to diagnose a problem and I'm certain it's a timing issue. Sometimes it's happens and sometimes it's not.

Basically I have a component that sits on TabPanel that is not visible yet. The initComponent method creates a new Toolbar with items and separators and several other components.

And then, sometimes, I get a problem on 'prepareItems' of AbstractContainer:

PHP Code:
               item.isContained me;
items[i] = me.lookupComponent(item);
delete item.isContained;
delete items[i].isContained
The 'item' that is being lookep up is '-' (a separator from the Toolbar). It appears that sometimes this item does not exist yet... and when it tries to clean the container during the initialization it gives an 'undefined' error. Is there a background process that creates this type of standard components ? How to guarantee that a separator is being created when adding a new component ?

Unfortunately I could not isolated a minimum case to post. I'm sorry. But I was wondering if somebody has seen something similar and what can I do to debug, diagnose, etc.