Hello all,

I've been trying to retrieve a date value and an integer value from the database, using the following code:
var l_alsChampsMois, l_stoDonneesMois;

    try {
        l_alsChampsMois = [
          {name: "date_mois", type: "date", dateFormat: "Y-m-d"},
          {name: "indice", type: "integer"}

        l_stoDonneesMois = new Ext.data.JsonStore({
            fields: l_alsChampsMois,
            autoLoad: false,
            proxy: {
                type: "ajax",
                url: "/commun/req_sql/req_ind_per_mois.php",
                reader: {
                    type: "json",
                    root: "rows"
                // some configs to use jsFiddle echo service (you will remove them)
                actionMethods: {
                    read: "POST"
               extraParams: {
            listeners: {
                load: function(objStore, alsLignes, blnOk, objOptions) {
window.alert("Mois fin : " + objStore.getAt(0).get("date_mois"));

    l_stoDonneesMois.load({params:            {
                                p_idsoc:    l_strIdSociete,
                                p_mois:        l_datDebut.getMonth() + 1,   
                                // getMonth renvoie 0 pour janvier, etc. 
                                p_annee:    l_datDebut.getFullYear(),
                                p_debut:    1,
                                p_etape:    1
with l_strIdSociete and l_datDebut being variables previously assigned and /commun/req_sql/req_ind_per_mois.php the PHP page that retrieves the data and converts it to JSON.

It seems to work fine (indeed, Firebug tells me the load does retrieve a data structure with "date_mois" and "indice" containing the values I expect them to), only the window.alert returns undefined. If I replace "date_mois" with "indice", it returns the expected value for "indice".

I've tried to use objStore.getAt(0).getData()["date_mois"], to no avail.

My only clue about this is that "date_mois" in the data structure shown by Firebug is an Object, but even so it shouldn't be undefined, now should it? I looked up http://docs.sencha.com/ext-js/4-1/#!...Field-cfg-type that wasn't exactly forthcoming with straight answers.

So what did I do wrong there?