With the latest CMD tools I noticed the generate command for touch no longer working because by script does not have write access to my SDK folder.

I found this in Cmd/, starting on line 88:
        <mkdir dir="${args.path}/app"/>
        <mkdir dir="${args.path}/app/model"/>
        <mkdir dir="${args.path}/app/view"/>
        <mkdir dir="${args.path}/app/controller"/>
        <mkdir dir="${args.path}/app/store"/>
        <mkdir dir="${args.path}/app/profile"/>
        <mkdir dir="${framework.dir}/resources"/>
        <mkdir dir="${framework.dir}/resources/css"/>
        <mkdir dir="${framework.dir}/resources/images"/>
        <mkdir dir="${framework.dir}/resources/icons"/>
        <mkdir dir="${framework.dir}/resources/sass"/>
This seems like a mistake, shouldn't it be creating those under ${args.path} rather than ${framework.dir}?