Hello Architect Forum members,

We are working on improving theming support for Sencha projects, and are hoping to gain some useful insights from you. If you can, please tell us how you currently create or adjust themes for your projects. Reply to this post, or privately to gil.gordon@sencha.com.

If you need some coaxing, here are some questions that would help us get a broad sense, but don't feel obliged to answer all of them, and feel free to add additional comments or information:
  • What tools and resources do you use to design themes?
  • What tools and resources do you use to implement themes?
  • How often do you adjust the themes for your projects?
  • How do you approach theming: the implementation should match design, or design is adapted to what is possible?
  • What are the issues that you encounter in this process? Can you give an example?
  • What could make the theming process easier or more straightforward?