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Thread: package build packager.json

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    Yes the versionCode thing is a bug that likely we should have patched immediately.

    It should be noted that sencha package build (or sencha app package build) depending on your version of Cmd is what is used to build your apk.

    I fear you must be using publish which is merely a copy (rsync/xcopy) to another location.

    I think you must be using sencha app build which is unrelated to packaging for mobile devices.
    Phil Strong

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    well that did not help me.
    I did not used publish, i did use the build button in Architect, and it react like publish.
    i used sencha app build because that was what i got out of the documentations, if there is another syntax please tell.
    i use the latest version of Architect, Sencha-touch and Cmd.
    If you could tell an example, a projekt made by Architekt in Windows OS, and then the steps how to package this projekt and make apk file for Android withe the right packager.json file, or how to start the Androidemulator, like Architect promis in his ide, a screencast would be perfect too, i think that architect is doing the right thing on a mac os, but not in windows os.
    I perchased Architect in the hope that i can develop and make an end prodect for android in my windows pc, but tell now i can not do the second step witch is production.
    thank you

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