GXT 3.0.3-SNAPSHOT (11/27) and 3.0.2
GWT 2.4
Internet Explorer 8
Chrome 25
Windows 7 - 64 Bit


I create a FieldSet with a child of VerticalLayoutContainer. When using browser's tools to highlight the DIV within the field set, the height extends beyond the border of the fieldset. Contents do not get displayed (so cropping is working), but when it comes to use of margins, height calculations, etc., it is causing issues.

I have provided screenshots of DIV highlighed as shown in IE8 and Chrome.

Internet Explorer 8
Chrome 25

In VLC add ContentPanel with Margins of 5, no margin shows up at bottom. Because of this cropping issue, having to play around with margins to get things to appear as you expect. Also, you will see that under Chrome there is a bottom margin, but it isn't the same as the top margin. So not only are margins between top and bottom different, but the appearances between browsers is now different.

        ContentPanel p = new ContentPanel();
        container.add(p, new VerticalLayoutData(1, 1, new Margins(5)));
Internet Explorer 8

Test Code