ST: 2.1.0
Architect: 2.1.0 build 676

Hey, attempting to use autoMaximize for my project and I realise that it's screwing up my Android version. Through a bit of googling and searching these forums this is what I've found which a few people consider the optimum setting for it:

("Safari") != -1 && (! &&'iOS') && Ext.browser.version.isGreaterThan(3) ) ? true : false )
So, you're only targetting iOS >3 browsers.

Can't seem to do this in Architect though as autoMaximize only allows boolean values. Can't do it in launch either as it throws some sort of "cannot use method 'call' on non-object" error message when I do this:

var isAutoMaximize = ("Safari") != -1 && (! &&'iOS') && Ext.browser.version.isGreaterThan(3) ) ? true : false );
Should this autoMaximize code be within Sencha Touch itself as it only seems to work properly in iOS anyway or should Architect allow me to set autoMaximize to anything rather than just Boolean as Ext.Viewport.setAutoMaximize(something) doesn't work.