Hi guys,

version (BUILD 640 -> 676)

We have troubles with architect when working on projects (small or big), it freezes repeatedly after 10-15 minutes of work, and we have to either wait for a long time or force close it and restarting it with lose of changes.
it seems that it is using a lot of UC resources (doing something !), and it freezes most of the time when using its editor ! I deactivated the linter but it didn't solve the problem, here a screenshot of the window's task manager

I think that it's not related to the type of projects because it occurs even in very small projects.

I thought it was a proxy problem, but I filled its info and it didn't change anything ! maybe it happens because many of our profile's folers are set to network directories !

PS : when I use the same projects on my personnal laptop, the problem does't occur.