• Ext 4.1.3
Browser versions tested against:
  • Chrome 24.0
  • Safari 6.0.2
DOCTYPE tested against:

<!doctype html>


  • Neither checkboxgroup nor radiogroup seem to work properly with the allowBlank:false config. Specifically, they fail to fire the validitychange event when an option is first clicked, causing things like form-bound buttons to not respond properly. For the checkbox gorup, checking, unchecking, then rechecking an option will get the control responding as one would expect.
Steps to reproduce the problem:
  • Create a checkbox group with allowBlank:false and a form-bound button
  • Note that button correctly starts disabled (as form is not valid)
  • Check a box
The result that was expected:
  • A validitychange event should fire indicating the form is now valid
  • The button should enable as the form is now valid
The result that occurs instead:
  • No event fires
  • The button remains disabled.
  • If you uncheck the same box, the event DOES fire, and the validation error is displayed
  • Checking the same box once more, the event fires again, and the button is enabled
Test Case:
    {                xtype: 'form',
                items: [
                        xtype: 'checkboxgroup',
                        allowBlank: false,
                        items: [
                            {boxLabel:'One', name:'test-item', inputValue:1},
                            {boxLabel:'Two', name:'test-item', inputValue:2},
                            {boxLabel:'Three', name:'test-item', inputValue:3}
                    }, {
                        xtype: 'button',
                        text: 'Enabled When Valid',
                        formBind: true
                listeners: {validitychange:function(f,v){console.log('Validity changed to ' + v)}}