Description: doesnt copy in some settings
  • I have a common Ext.Direct return class which has 'errMsg' as the 'message' property, there is no simple way to set this

Steps to reproduce the problem:
Create a store with a different successProperty or messageProperty

Test Case:

 store = Ext.create('', {
     model: modelName,
     limit: nrows,
     autoLoad: false,
     paramOrder: directParamOrder,
     root: 'item',
     totalProperty: 'totalCount',
     messageProperty: 'errorMsg',
     directFn: someDirect.function


Debugging already done:
  • yes

Possible fix:
  • change the copyTo from :

    Ext.copyTo(proxy.reader, config, 'totalProperty,root,idProperty');
    to include the extra properties..

    Ext.copyTo(proxy.reader, config, 'totalProperty,root,idProperty,successProperty,messageProperty');