If you really think about it, the eclipse plugin is just a way for developers to more quickly discover and use the extjs framework.

I can still figure it all out by using the very clean online API documentation but having context sensitive code complete allows me to easily experiment and adopt the framework at a faster pace.

Since many of us are in the same boat where we could convince our boss to instantly buy a license for just the eclipse plugin but never convince them to buy a huge package license has anyone come up with an online petition to offer a stand alone license for this tool?

How many other people are like me who love the framework and will continue to try and learn it (slowly) while hoping for a stand-alone offering I can afford?

I can't be the only one to not even install the 30 day trial for fear of liking it too much...

The bottom line is that I believe Sencha will make more money instantly and exponentially due to the lower learning curve and quicker adoption rate of the framework simply by offering the eclipse plugin as a stand alone product.

Certainly Sencha wants and deserves to increase their adoption rate and make money faster so how many signatures are needed to show them this is the case?