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Thread: Ext.chart.Chart missing data points in line series

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    Default Answered: Ext.chart.Chart missing data points in line series

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an ExtJS Application with a Chart that displays multiple line series.

    Unfortunately some of the data points don't get rendered.

    Additional Information:
    - The missing data points are always on the right side of the chart (or more precisely they should be there).
    - The axis display the dates where those values should be just fine: Meaning there should in theory be enough place to render them.
    - Depending on the size of the window which contains the chart there are more or less data points missing
    - As far as I have seen it seems to happen only with IE (our client uses IE8)
    - ExtJS Version is 4.1.1

    Has anyone here had a similar problem or does someone have some pointers to give me as what the reason could be?



  2. I have not seen this, can you provide a test case?

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