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Thread: net.sf.sojo.interchange.json.JsonParserException

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    Default net.sf.sojo.interchange.json.JsonParserException


    Please anyone know how to address this exception?
    net.sf.sojo.interchange.json.JsonParserException: Exception in String: ...................................... --> Encountered "\"\"" at line 1, column 246.
    Was expecting one of:
    "," ...
    "}" ...............


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    Thank you


    I have a grid with fields of types Float and Integer ( in Java) because i need to put null value in these fields, but when i add new record to this grid with null value of some fields, the new record is saved in the database but i cannot see it in the grid. I think the problem is that fields in grid don't accept null value of types Float and Integer ( not int and float).Anybody can give me any suggestion???

    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards.

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