Ext version tested:
  • Sencha Touch 2.1
Browser versions tested against:
  • Chrome 23(Windows)
  • By default is created with autoDestroy set to false.
  • When DataView is created with config, which contains only data option, then DataView will create Store for this data.
  • When DataView is destroyed, this Store will be never destroyed, because its autoDestroy option is set to false.
Steps to reproduce the problem:
  • Create DataView with specified data in the config
  • Call DataView.destroy()-> DataView is destroyed, but store is cached in Ext.StoreManager
The result that was expected:
  • Store created by DataView should be destroyed
The result that occurs instead:
  • Store created by DataView is not destroyed
Test Case:

        var data = [
            {firstName: 'Ed',    lastName: 'Spencer'},
            {firstName: 'Tommy', lastName: 'Maintz'},
            {firstName: 'Aaron', lastName: 'Conran'},
            {firstName: 'Jamie', lastName: 'Avins'}
        var view = Ext.create('Ext.DataView', {
            fullscreen: true,
            itemTpl: '{firstName} {lastName}'
        view.destroy(); // no reference to dataview // contains ext-data-store-1 created by view