I'm a few days into my Architect 2 trial and I've hit a problem that the samples have not solved.

I've a small block of code for theming a chart from your extjs tutorials (exhibit A). Now I'm not sure where this should live in the Architect world so I've added it to Application launch, on render event for my chart, etc. If I set the theme of my chart to Ext.chart.theme.Fancy or Fancy in the architect UI, the preview of the chart is not the desired effect (nothing really renders), and it goes on to tell me the object has no rendered. I've tried to peel back the onion on /src/chart/theme/Base.js but have not succeeded in getting any style other than the canned styles to effect my chart.

Question 1. Where is it appropriate to put the block of code to create a theme for a chart in the Architect 2 fashion? I've tried Application launch, on render event for the chart, etc.
Question 2. How do I apply the theme?
Question 3. What is wrong with the theme I listed below? From http://cdn.sencha.com/ext-4.1.1a-gpl...rts/Column2.js with a minor change to the color list for learning.

Exhibit A
    var colors = ['#CCCCCC',
    var baseColor = '#eee';
    Ext.define('Ext.chart.theme.Fancy', {
        extend: 'Ext.chart.theme.Base',
        constructor: function(config) {
                axis: {
                    fill: baseColor,
                    stroke: baseColor
                axisLabelLeft: {
                    fill: baseColor
                axisLabelBottom: {
                    fill: baseColor
                axisTitleLeft: {
                    fill: baseColor
                axisTitleBottom: {
                    fill: baseColor
                colors: colors
            }, config)]);