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Thread: newbie question about cls and style configs property of Ext.Panel

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    Default newbie question about cls and style configs property of Ext.Panel


    I have a Ext.Panel with a cls configs property that I set with a value (a class that set a css z-index style)

    Nevertheless inspecting firebug I cannot find the cls or style configs property neither the class or the style applied to the Panel neither a method that returns the class or style of the Ext.Panel.

    Could you tell me how I can inspect the class or style property in firebug

    The aim is to inspect the z-index style property of the Panel

    Another question: normally cls and style are configs property that are set when building Ext.Panel. The question is : can we consider configs properties as properties ? I wonder this because when inspecting properties of Ext.Panel, I can see that they are displayed as properties

    Thanks a lot for your answers

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    You need to find the top level element for the component. The cls will add the CSS class name and the style will add inline styles.
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