I am using Sencha Touch with Phonegap on Android 4.0.3. The project build is performed with Eclips (not using the native packager).

One of my application views is a form. When a user fills up some of the form's fields (without submitting), then moves to a different application and comes back to the form view, two things may happen:
1. The expected behavior - the user returns to the form view, the form remains as it was before.
2. The application is being initialized again and the first view is shown. Switching to the form view reveals an empty form.

My questions are:
1. How does Sencha touch handles native Android Activity Lifecycle events?
2. In case it doesn't provide any automatic saving to localstorage, are there any Sencha events I can register to? (The equivalent to Phonegap's 'resume' & 'pause' events ).
3. Can someone please put a reference to any documentation/article (hopefully there is such documentation) that describes the way Sencha behaves on 'pause' & 'resume' events?
4. Is using Phonegap interrupts in any way to any default Sencha Touch behavior? (meaning that the issue I am experiencing is merely because using Phonegap )