Hello everybody,
I have added a display field in form panel , and value in display field is fetched from server , the issue is that if a large quantity of data is sent from back end the data is displayed messy/not properly formatted in display field i tried logging the data just before attaching it to value filed of display filed and the data is properly formatted/readable and no issues .

Eg: If data has 3 lines like :
'Hi my name is kabab
I live in India
I love food '
Then if we look it in display field it will be:

Hi my name is kababI live in India
I love food
I want the data to be displayed in same format as it was earlier.
function showCurrentConfiguration() {
        Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
             width: 175,
        height: 120,
        bodyPadding: 10,
        title: 'Current Configuration',
        items: [{
            xtype: 'displayfield',
            fieldLabel: 'Current Configuration',
            name: 'current_configuration',
            value: ''
    var formPanel=   Ext.getCmp('ShowConfigPanel');
    var options = new Array();
     options['eventId'] = 'nativemethodcall';
     options['url'] = ' /mainui/ctrl/client-webWeb/CMPServlet?action=net.kabab.landingPage.action.GetConfiguration';
     options['method'] = 'getDeviceConfigDetails';
     options['data'] = 'abc';
    options['failure'] = function() {
                           //  showError("Could not Process Request");
                         options['success'] = function(data) {
                             console.log("......Config result " + data);
                         Jx.JxAction.doAction(this, "nativemethodcall", options);
Please help.Thanks in advance