I am very new to Sencha and ExtJS. I am working in a trial version of Sencha Architect as my employer is considering purchasing Sencha.

I have a Sencha Login app. I have a MyForm (Ext.form.Panel) that has a textbox to enter username, a textbox to enter password, and a button. In the onButtonClick, I have the following code:

var values = this.getValues();
if (values.username === '' && values.password === '')
Ext.Msg.alert('Error', 'If you are trying to login using the daily rotating Password,<br />'
+ 'you must enter the daily rotating Password but you should not enter a Username.<br /><br />' +
'If you are not trying to login using the daily rotating Password,<br />' +
'you must enter both your Username and Password.');
var loginParam;
if (values.username === '' && values.password !== '')
//It would seem that the user is trying to login using the rotating daily Password.
Ext.Msg.alert('', 'TESTING: The user must be trying to login ' +
'using the daily rotating password.');
//It would seem that the user is not trying to login using the rotating daily Password.
var userNameValue = '<userNameValue>';
userNameValue = userNameValue + values.username + '</userNameValue>';
var userPasswordValue = '<userPasswordValue>';
userPasswordValue = userPasswordValue + values.password + '</userPasswordValue>';
loginParam = userNameValue + userPasswordValue;
url: 'http://localhost/PowisWCF/service.svc/DoLogin?' + encodeURIComponent(loginParam),

//success: etc. --- I would take the user to a different view/form/panel/page in real life.
success: function(form, result) {
Ext.Msg.alert('', 'Login Successful!');

failure: function(form, result) {
Ext.Msg.alert('', 'The login failed. Please try again.');

Using Fiddler software, I know that I am sending from this Sencha app the parameters as a POST. I have not started coding yet in the WCF but I know from Fiddler that I am sending an encrypted string that has username and password and that in a WCF will be parsed so that the WCF can see if the user login is valid or not valid.

I want to return to Sencha a Boolean to indicate that the user login information was correct or incorrect, that the user login is allowed or not allowed.

In the code above in the onButtonClick, does the success: function(form, result) only mean that the request in fact was submitted successfully or can Sencha receive back a Boolean from the WCF and the result in the success: function(form, result) will be that Boolean so that Sencha can know from the WCF whether or not the user has provided correct login information? I do not know if my question makes any sense, if I am articulating myself well enough. I am wondering if what I am wanting is not possible with a POST and if the success: function(form, result) only means that Sencha successfully submitted the POST and if it cannot be used somehow to get back from the WCF app a Boolean that indicates whether or not the user provided correct login information.

Please pardon my ignorance and lack of understanding as I am a novice.

Of course please let me know if I can provide further code or information.

I thank you in advance for considering my question.

07-DEC-2012 Friday