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Thread: null value of types Integer and Float accepted by a grid

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    Default null value of types Integer and Float accepted by a grid


    I have a grid with fields of types Float and Integer ( in Java) because i need to put null value in these fields, but when i add new record to this grid with null value of some fields, the new record is saved in the database but i cannot see it in the grid. I think the problem is that fields in grid don't accept null value of types Float and Integer ( not int and float).Anybody can give me any suggestion???

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    I have been using null values and not have seen issues. Especially not on other fields than those that are null.

    Have you checked that they are actually being returned from the server? Have you checked whether they do end up in the Store? Is it really just the grid not displaying them?

    For more help I think you should provide at least (preferably ready to drop in Ext.onReady()) your Store, Model, Proxy, Grid and server response. That way someone else can reproduce the issue and get more specific

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