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I am suspicious of those who want to form committees and sit as representatives of the people. Good technitions want to create and not talk.
OK, but that doesn't address at all the idea of having some sort of higher-level collaboration between the community and Sencha. I'm not just proposing this out of the blue. I have actually been on these sorts of committees and have seen the beneficial results of such collaboration.

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Many of the education items you suggest are covered in the learn section here, I wonder if you have fully explored this?
I've read everything in the docs Guides section and the various Learn areas of the site. Much of that content is old or out of date (and has prominent notes at the tops of the articles stating this). But even beyond that, the topics that I mentioned (advanced class system details, pre/post processor creation, plugins, advanced XTemplates, inner working of trees and grids, etc. etc.) are definitely not covered in the Learn section. Or anywhere else for that matter. Which part of the problem I'd like to see solved.

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Pulling core product developers away from their main job is disruptive. They might not be regular presenters hence they will have to devote a disproportionate amount of time preparing to present. This is why the Microsoft's of this world have full time evangelists.
I was very clear in saying that I would want these presentations to NOT be disruptive. These would not have to be "conference-level-of-refinement" presentations. Like I said, I'd be fine if it was just a "brain dump" by someone who knows what they are talking about.

Microsoft has full-time evangelists because they are a $225 Billion company. I'd love to see more Sencha evangelists but I doubt they can financially support something like that yet. Which comes right back around to the need to leverage the community to help in this area through community evangelists and/or a community advisory board.